X Æ A-12

X Æ A-12,
variable dimensions
(2020, Kit Espace d’Exposition, Bedroom)
craddle,  sound and ultrasound sensors,
Arduinos, relays, motors,
sound sources, lightbulbs, mobile, lasers

The installation X Æ A-12 is designed as the bedroom of a machine-baby whom link through a domotic relation with their environment.
As soon as the sound atmosphere is too loud (for exemple, in presence of noisy people), they reacts in a defensive way, interaction with the element in the space : the lullaby and the mobile stop, they starts to cry, the door shuts and opens itself, a pale light illuminate the room… Only when they is cradled that the room retreive its quiet atmosphere.
Also, the mobile is a revision of a traditional one, where the name of the awakening objects usually hanged on it are here translated in binary language and read by laser.
This project, produced in collaboration with Théo Jossien, is designed as evolving, considering the development of X Æ A-12.