I Had To Kill You


I Had To Kill You (2022)
Dimensions variables
Latex outfit, water pond, projected video, led strip, optical fibers, water misters.

The costume shown is that of Phoebe, character hybrid, human and frog, whose skin secretes a powerful deadly toxin. She goes up and down the banks of the Huveaune to entice customers and when one of them is ensnared by his charms, It does not take long for him to succumb. She has no dark past that would have driven her to live like this. She was just born that way and the happy coincidence had wanted her to take the greatest pleasure in all aspects of her job.
This character was introduced in the installation I Had To Kill You, taking the form of a performed diorama, presented during the exhibition Oozes Odds and Ends, in June 2022 in Buropolis.