(2016, Former metal workshop, Villa Arson Nice

Variable dimensions
On the left, a slaughterhouse rail to which a butcher hooks bundle-shaped blankets. In front of each of them, a stool, a lamp and a video playing in a loop evoking a work on an assembly line. Next to it, another blanket is activated: it throbs and oozes a black liquid. Opposite, a precarious barba-papa stall designed and built with found objects. The confectionery is made of recycled materials (foam stuffing). At the entrance, a screen retransmits a strange scene: shirts hanging and lined up begin dancing and impaling themselves on their hangers in a ballet macabre. At the center, a strange character. A mirror cylinder equipped with a lid roams in space, reflecting it. Supervisor, worker, security guard... Its function in the space remains undetermined.
This installation takes the form of a temporary workshop deserted by its workers, where machines are nonetheless still active. The aims of the company are obscure: activating objects by giving them organic qualities, suggesting the edible through fake, the execution of clothes, which incarnate and exhaust themselves at the same time. All in a constant atmosphere of surveillance.


(2016, Former metal workshop, Villa Arson Nice), 170 x 130 x 65 cm.
Pink and blue neons, wheelchairs, vacuum cleaner, plexiglas sheet, wood, expandable foam, stuffing foam.


(2016, Former metal workshop, Villa Arson Nice)

variable dimensions.

Rail, hooks, constuction site light, blankets, stools, TV screens, DVD player, clothes rail, spotlight, Arduino card, blindage, kettle, milk, indian ink, motors.


(2016, Former metal workshop, Villa Arson Nice),

variable dimensions,

Edges sharpened metal hangers, motors, shirts.


(2016, Former metal workshop, Villa Arson Nice) ø 60cm x 120 cm

Plastic mirror, métal, wheels.