As a teenager, i practiced skateboard, which brought me to squat sub-urban non-places for hours (malls, parking lot, closed factory,etc.), places that belong to nobody. Beyond the physical rereading of those spaces, provoked by a new way of moving myself in them, I was sensitive to their poetry : empty when their full, full when their empty. Never densely populated nor deserted. At the same period, I started to glean objects in the urban landscape to do DIY, to deviate them from their first function, cultivating some kind of fetichism for their matters, shapes... Finally, this time coincide with the develloppement of new forms of video (MTV music videos, GIF, birth of youtube, first smartphones...) which explains my taste for moving picture in short cut.

The first part of my plastic researches consist in designing installations in abandonned and connoted spaces in order to overlay new narrations to their pre-existing stories. Those installations are made of objects salvaged in the urban space, animated with motors, automation, effect machines, moving pictures,  sounds lights... They then become the actors of the fiction that’s taking place and, over time, the space itself.

This duality space/actor is connected to another trail of work that i devellop. This one focus on «telegenic» spaces : bidimensional on screen spaces brought to the exhibition space as an installation. Shooting sets with an odd temporality, without actors, where the component animate themselves. Those installations shapes scenes that chains themselves in abstruses ways, like an oneiric architecture. Depending on the way they’re shape, they can suggest to the visitors a «telegenique» reading, using the same moves as a camera (pans, trackings, zooms, long shot,etc.). This series is named Making Of. It is linked to the video MAISONPOUP which as a reverse protocol : interogate space directly inside the vidéo.

Close to the space/actor duality, my researchs also focus around living body/architecture parallels. This could take shape in a model dealing with penetration of the place it is representing, a tatto gun for walls or a grillz (dental jewellery) for the «mouth» of a building, is to say its entrence porch.