The A.W.O.L. exhibition project has been conceived at the end of one year spent at l’Atelier Ni, an art production workshop, involving most of the time the work with metal and wood.
The term A.W.O.L. (Away Without Official Leave) comes from U.S.A. military jargon to indicate a soldier or other army member that left is post without permission, meaning potential desertion.
In the common language, it define someone who disappeared without a sign, leaving everything in place.
Indeed, the project focus around the duality absence/presence in a workshop that generate the passage of artists and their project. This type of space is one of my favorite topos. Organic at day when the activity is in full swing, oneiric at night as if everything animated itself with motions and dreams as in a REM sleep. In this second period can be interpreted those five installation and the video composing A.W.O.L. : elements of a new fiction which overlay the inherent one of the space.

(2019, Atelier Ni)
Variable dimension
Metal, wheels,
dummies, dresses, wigs,
video projection

Ghostworld 2 (2019, Atelier Ni)
steel sheet, screens, clamps

Body Trouble
(2019, Atelier Ni)
200x 140 cm
metal, set, motor, arduino, dress,
stripper shoes, wig, long gloves,
red neons 

Does mechanic
cows breath ?

(2019, Atelier Ni)
variable dimensions,
black plastic wrap wood, wire netting, motors, sheath, chains, coloured lightbulb , headlight, smoke machine, arduino